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Frequently Asked Questions

Compensation is an amount that EU airlines have been obliged to pay to all passengers for delays of more than 3 hours or cancellations of airplanes.

Compensation can be regarded as a replacement for the “sore and tortured” to which passengers have been exposed.

No, you are not always entitled to compensation, but passengers in the vast majority of the cases.

You are not entitled to compensation from the airline if the delay or cancellation is due to bad weather or strike at the airport or airline (as we have unfortunately seen in France in recent years).

Yes, the amount you paid for your ticket does not affect the amount that you are entitled to. All passengers have the same rights for compensation, no matter how much they have paid for their flight ticket.

The amount depends on the distance of the flight you have made or should have taken.

If the distance for your flight is below 1,500 km, you are entitled to:
250 EURO per person

If the distance for your flight is over 1,500 km but under 3,500 km you are entitled to
400 EURO per person

If the distance for your flight is over 3,500 km, you are entitled to
600 EURO per person

It should be noted that in order to be entitled to 600 EURO for a flight of more than 3,500 km, this flight must be delayed for more than 4 hours and at the same time go to a destination outside the EU. If the airplane is delayed between 3 and 4 hours, then you are entitled to 50% compensation, which corresponds to
300 EURO per person

Do you fly for example from Copenhagen to Gran Canaria, the distance is more than 3,500 km, but since the flight is still within the EU, despite the long distance, passengers are “only” entitled to
400 EURO per person

Flight Friend pays the compensation to you in euro.

The only exception is passengers who have a Danish bank. To them, the compensation will be paid in Danish kroner.

If you have a Danish bank, we only need the name of your bank and your account number.

If you have a bank outside Denmark, then we will need your postal address, the name of your bank and the IBAN and Swift code for your account.

Note: Some banks charge a fee to receive money transferred from another country. It is only an agreement between the account holder and the bank and nothing we can do anything about. It is not Flight Friend who charges a fee to Transfer the money abroad. The amount taken by the banks may vary, but typically is around 50, – DKK per transfer / 7 euro per transfer.


No people or companies can withdraw money from your account when they only know your account number. It is only possible to deposit money into your account, which is also the only thing Flight Friend will use your account number for.

We will only ask you for your account number and details when we receive your compensation from the airline and are ready to transfer money to you.

If we at Flight Friend do not believe that the airline has handled your claim according to the rules, we will prosecute your case and send it to the appropriate instances for a legal decision.

It will never cost you anything. You NEVER have to pay money to Flight Friend.

If we do not win your claim against our own expectations then all costs are ours.

When we win your claim and receive the compensation you are entitled to, we will charge 20% of the amount and then transfer the remaining amount to your account.

You only pay if we win?
– otherwise it's free!

About Flight Friend

After years of experience with airline jobs, where we among other things, handled incoming claims and complaints from airline passengers, we have gathered all the knowledge needed to help all passengers who have been exposed to aircraft canceled or delayed.

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