Was your flight delayed
or cancelled completely?

Let flight-friend.com help
you collect your
entitled compensation.

If your flight was delayed over 3 hours,
cancelled or overbooked which caused you
to miss the flight then you are most likely
eligible for a compensation of up to
Euro 600 per person.

You only pay if we win
– otherwise it's free!

Fill out
the form

Then we contact you for a non-mandatory chat about your options for compensation.

Let Flight Friend handle the correspondence with the airline and the legal work with the Traffic Authority and other agencies.

Flight Friends fee to cover expenses is 20% + VAT of the compensation obtained.

This means that at no time do you have to pay money to Flight Friend.

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About Flight Friend

After years of experience with airline jobs, where we among other things, handled incoming claims and complaints from airline passengers, we have gathered all the knowledge needed to help all passengers who have been exposed to aircraft cancelled or delayed.

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